Hee Haw

A true American classic that show cased country music, contained corny humor and set in rural ‘Kornfield County”.  Each show was made up of regular segments that included:  Archie Campbell (Will Hutsell), Buck Owens (Will Hutsell), Roy Clark (Ken Wilkey), Grandpa Jones (Billy Devault), Minnie Pearl (Carol Ann Barron), Lulu Roman (Brenda Baxter), and Junior Samples (Rob Littleton), with musical talents of some of country’s greatest singers that stopped by to visit (Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn (played by Helen Morgan), Patsy Montana and Patsy Cline (played by Brenda Morgan), Kitty Wells (played by Margaret Morgan Briceland), Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (played by Ken Wilkey and Linda Hutsell) and many more.  Our show enables you to remember yesteryear and relive that family tradition of quality entertainment.  

Show segments we feature are:

“Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me”

Picture hillbilly garb surrounded by moonshine jugs and 4 men in misery: Archie Campbell (played by Will Hutsell), Roy Clark (played by Ken Wilkey), Grandpa Jones (played by Billy Devault), and Lavern Nagger (played by Glen Leach Jr).

The Gossip Girls

The girls surrounded by the laundry and the old clothesline, gather over the washtub to discuss the happenings in the community.  Now it’s not “gossip”, heaven forbid!  These girls would never repeat gossip,…..”so you’d better be sure and listen close the first time!”  Met the Gossip Girls: Lulu Roman (played by Brenda Baxter), Valerie Feese Sinclair,  Mela Gina Gaston, and Linda Hutsell.

Pickin’ and Grinnin

The sounds of banjo and guitar always start the show with the Buck Owens (Ken Wilkey) on guitar and Roy Clark (Will Hutsell) on banjo (banjo music played by Steve Miller).  Their jokes and music set the tone for the upcoming show.

Hey Grandpa” Whats for supper?

Grandpa (played by Billy Davault) shouts out his fixins’ for supper, from “possum” stew to “sweet ‘tater” pie, the menu is always interesting – YUM YUM!

The Cornfield

You never know who might “pop” up in the WRCC cornfield….one thing you can count on is jokes and bloopers!

The Naggers

We can’t our the antics of our favorite couple, the Naggers, Lavern (Glen Leach) and Ida Lee (Missy Littleton).  Their kitchen conversations are always exciting.  Will Lavern every learn to just keep his mouth shut?

The Quilt

The night wouldn’t be complete without a good old fashioned “quilting bee/gossip session” with Minnie Pearl (Carol Ann Baron) and the girls.  Everyone is entertained with Cousin Minnie’s stories about Grinder’s Switch, Brother and Uncle Nabob.  Just sit back and listen….you might just learn something! 

The Barbershop

Archie Campbell (played by Will Hutsell) dishes out some advice for the forlorn and tells some very  interesting and sometimes confusing stories – all while he’s styling either Jr. Samples’ (played by Rob Littleton) beautiful head of hair, or whoever happens to stop by to listen to his “stories”.