About the Singers

We are pleased to have many talented singers that come to preform in the shows.

Mela Gina Gaston

Mela Gina was born in Fr. Oglethorp, Georgia and has lived locally for 49 years. Music was always a part of her life. Her Mom always sang to the family and her Dad was always bringing home old records. One day her brought home a guitar and her brothers learned to play, Mel plays the upright bass. Classic country and folk music were the main genres of music the family listened to and sang.  Mel and her brothers have always loved to sing some of the old silly songs. Billy and Brad are also featured in shows at WRCC along with Mel’s nephew Ben. This is a very talented family. Mel has 6 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 sons and 6 grandchildren. She still loves country and bluegrass music. She pays special thanks to her Mom and Dad for instilling a love for music in her at such a young age. Hearing songs her mother used to sing still brings tears to her eyes. Mel was quickly adopted into the entertainment family here at WRCC.

Billy Gaston

Brad Gaston

Ben Gaston

Helen Morgan

Helen was born in Pikeville, Tennessee and has lived locally all of her life.  The main musical influence for Helen was her Mother and her Mother’s family. She grew up surrounded by their playing and singing.  She plays guitar and piano and enjoys singing.  Helen’s husband, John Morgan (Stringbean in Hee Haw), have one son Clint Morgan.  Their family church is Morgan Springs Baptist Church.  She doesn’t have a favorite singer, but loves Traditional Country, and Rock and Roll.  Helen says she just loves “Good Music” Helen sings in all our shows at WRCC, portraying several singers in past shows including Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Emmy Lou Harris.  Her southern country voice and style are a great addition to our entertainment family at WRCC.

Margaret Morgan Briceland

Margaret Ann was born was born an Alabama girl but has lived on Dayton Mountain for the last 53 years. She grew up listening to her Dad play the fiddle and she and her Mother shared a deep love of music. Her Mom always encouraged her to sing. Music has always been an important part of her life. She plays piano and is learning to play the fiddle. Margaret Ann has 3 brothers, 1 sister, 2 sons, 2 grandsons and 2 grand-daughters. She attends a non-denominational church. Her favorite singer is Don Williams and her portrayal of Kitty Wells is always an audience favorite. Margaret Ann sings in all our shows at WRCC portraying others such as Linda Rondstat and Rosanne Cash. Her favorite genre’s of music are country and southern gospel. She loves horses and everything to do with the cowboy lifestyle. Margaret Ann is a great dancer and always entertains us at least once during our shows! She enjoys crocheting, though she always gives her work away. Her generous heart is just one of the things that makes her so love by our entertainment family here at WRCC.

Valerie Sinclair

Valerie Sinclair-Born in Knoxville, Tennessee with Kentucky blood has lived in Dayton since the age of 9.  Valerie was born singing and began sharing her gift at church by age 6 and has continued throughout her life.  She and husband, Jarade Sinclair (Dayton Mountain native), are both ordained ministers and serve as associate ministers at Solomon’s Porch Church in Dayton, TN as well as other ministries and community organizations (i.e. Still Waters Emmaus and Mainstreet Dayton).  They are thankful for their two beautiful daughters and are living “happily ever after” here on Walden’s Ridge.  Valerie’s beautiful strong voice is an audience favorite in our shows at WRCC.  She is one of the “gossip girls” in our Hee Haw show and her happy, bubbly attitude is enjoyed by everyone in our entertainment family at WRCC.

Brenda Morgan

Brenda Morgan was born and raised in Bledsoe County.  She has been singing from an early age in church and later at benefits show and other music venues.  She is a member of Community Freewill Baptist Church where she attends with her husband, Larry Morgan.  Larry is also a member of our singing cast at WRCC.  Brenda loves a wide range of music genres including gospel, country, new bluegrass and old rock.  Her parents, Wendell and Katheryn Anderson, instilled a deep love for music in her from the beginning and always encouraged her singing.  One of the last places her Dad went to before his death was a Hee Haw practice.  Her favorite female country artists are Patsy Cline and Reba McEntire and her admiration for these two ladies shows up in her selection of songs for WRCC shows.

Linda Hutsell

Linda Hutsell was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and grew up in Luttrell, Tennessee, the home of country greats Chet Atkins, Kenny Chesney and Roy Atkins. Linda and her husband have lived on Dayton Mountain for the past 7 years. Her husband Will is also a play cast member at WRCC. She has always had a love for many styles of music including gospel, country and bluegrass with a particular liking of the 60’s rock and roll. One of her favorite singers from the past is the sweet voice of John Denver. She fondly recalls her maternal grandmother playing the banjo. Linda first started singing at her church, Morgan Springs Baptist, known locally as the little log cabin church, and portrays one of the “gossip girls” in our Hee Haw show. She is also a member of the local CERT organization. She says that being a part of the WRCC cast is the highlight of the years she has spent here on Dayton Mountain. Linda is a wonderful addition to our family of performers here at WRCC.

Brenda Baxter

Brenda F. Girdley(Baxter) – born in Battle Creek, MI to Charlotte J. Pickett (Dayton Mountain) and Johnny Girdley (Crossville, TN) where we lived until I was 9, then moved with my parents, younger brother and sister to Las Vegas, NV where I grew up. I met my husband, Joseph Baxter, in 2001; we married in 2005 and remained in Las Vegas, NV until August 2010 when we moved to Dayton, TN to be closer to my Mom and Stepdad, “Pops” (Ed Reising). We both love living in Dayton and plan to remain here.  My family loved country music and I remember listening to MeeMaw play the piano and Papaw (Pickett) picking the banjo when I was a little girl.  We always had music going in the house because both of my parents loved it.  I grew up listening to “good old” country music, old time rock and roll and bluegrass (when my Papaw was around). Even though I was in my junior high school choir and a few school plays, I never felt comfortable enough to sing in front of a crowd. When I first moved to Dayton, I attended a Walden’s Ridge Community Center monthly meeting with Mom & Pops and was introduced to Wanda Morgan who told me I should get involved with a group of people at WRCC that was putting together a “Hee Haw” show. I was then introduced to Brenda Morgan (a woman I now call my “sister”) and we talked about the Hee Haw show. I told her the only one I thought I would come close to playing would be “Lulu” – and she said “done – that’s exactly who we need”. I also do all of the programs and tickets for the various shows that we have throughout the year. Being in the first Hee Haw show started my love for being involved with Walden’s Ridge Community Center. I have played “Lulu” in every show and will continue to do so as long as the show continues. I was then asked to sing in the Opry on the Mountain, the June Jam and the Sock Hop, something I would never have done without the encouragement and support of Brenda Morgan, Helen Morgan, Wanda Morgan, Valerie Sinclair, Margaret Ann Briceland, and many more of my “family” at Walden’s Ridge. I have truly been blessed to have met so many wonderful people and am lucky to have everyone in my life.

Larry Morgan

Larry Morgan is a native Tennessean and has lived his entire life in the Summer City community here on Dayton Mountain.  Larry is one of seven children of Dee and Beulah Morgan. His entire family is blessed with musical talent.  His brother, Ralph Morgan. is also in our shows portraying George Jones.  Larry enjoys many genres of music with gospel, country and bluegrass as his favorites.  Some of his favorite male country artists include Sammy Kershaw, Alan Jackson and George Strait.  He is a member of Community Freewill Baptist Church where he attends church with his wife, Brenda Morgan.  His occupations to this point in his life, have been farming and logging, but now is centered around raising beef cattle.  Larry brings a true country sound to our cast at WRCC.

Ralph Morgan

Ralph Morgan is well known in the surrounding areas for his vocal portrayal of George Jones.  He is a local singer, the son of Dee and Beulah Morgan, with 6 siblings, all with musical talent.  Ralph enjoys singing and playing guitar.  His favorite genres of music are country, bluegrass and gospel.  He has spent many years working in logging with his brothers Larry, Cleo and Shorty Morgan.  His brother Larry is also a member of our cast of “stars” at WRCC.  Ralph has many colorful stories of times spent with country music legends when he traveled with a band years ago.  Ralph is a wonderful addition to our cast.

Glen Leach Jr.

Glen was born in Wolcott, Indiana and has lived her locally for the past 17 years. His Mother was a great influence in his love for music. As a child he remembers her payong piano by ear and they would all sing enjoy spending time together as a family. Glen plays drums, guitar and kazoo! He and his wife Cyndi attend Walden’s Ridge Baptist Church and they have 7 children, 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. His favorite singers are Hank Thompson, and Willie Nelson and his favorite genre of music is classic country. Glen’s rich voice is greatly appreciated by our audiences at WRCC, one of the singers he is known for portraying is Little Jimmy Dickens. His great sense of humor comes through in his roles in Hee Haw as Lavern Nagger and Cryin’ Willie. Glen says in his bio that he wanted to become a brain surgeon, but couldn’t find any one to volunteer to let him practice. Everyone in the entertainment family here at WRCC loves Glen.

Ken Wilkey

Kenneth (Ken) Wilkey was born in Hixson, Tennessee, and has lived her locally for 13 years. Music has been part of Ken’s life since he was just a child, his family played and sang together. Through the years Ken has learned to play guitar, bass, banjo and dobro. Ken has 3 brothers and 1 sister, and he and his wife Sue have 3 children. They are active members of Morgan Springs Baptist Church where Ken teaches and is the Choir Director. Ken is a favorite in our Hee Haw shows portraying Johnny Cash. His favorite singer and musician is Doyle Lawson and his favorite genre of music is bluegrass. Ken’s rich voice is a wonderful addition to the entertainment family at WRCC.