About the Band – Musicians

Steve Miller

Jap Miller

Trevor Linn

Lead Guitar & Bass         Trevor Linn was born in Dayton and has lived his entire life (so far) locally. Trevor started piano lessons at age 7, picked up the horn at age 10 and got his first guitar at age 11. As with many of our musicians at WRCC, Mr Ed Walker was there offering encouragement to Trevor at an early age and even put him in a band at age 14 and the rest is history! Trevor is one of our lead guitarist in “The Ridgerunners” for the Opry on the Mountain show in the spring and plays bass with “The Million Dollar Band”, in the Hee Haw shows in the fall. Trevor is the band leader for our June Jam band “The Classics” and for the “BeBops” at the annual Sock Hop in August. He attends Salem Baptist Church. Trevor’s favorite musician is guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. He enjoys most genres of music including blues, country, rock jazz and bluegrass. Trevor always surprises us with his ability to make the sounds from his guitar morph into anything from a baby grand piano to a saxophone for playing Pink Panther!   He admits to also being a drummer but says his real skills are on the kazoo! Trevor’s talent is only matched by his dry wit and sense of humor. He is loved and appreciated by his WRCC entertainment family.

Don Holmes

Acoustic & Lead Guitar       Don Holmes was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has lived here locally for the past 40 years. Don’s father played guitar and that was what originally got him interested in music. His talent for music isn’t limited to acoustic guitar, Don is a wonderful lead guitarist, bass player and drummer. He has an amazing knowledge of music and uses that knowledge to bring a certain perfection to the songs he plays. He and his wife, Linda, have two daughters, LaShawn and Angela and attend Summer City Church of God. Don has played guitar for the gospel group the “Couriers” for several years. His favorite singer is Merle Haggard and not surprisingly he loves guitarists Marty Stewart and Brent Mason. When choosing his favorite music genres, his choices are gospel, country and old time rock and roll. Don is a member of the Opry on the Mountain band “The Ridgerunners”, the Sock Hop band “The BeBops”, the June Jam band “The Classics” as well as the Hee Haw band, called “The Million Dollar Band” by MC Ed Walker. Don really enjoys knowing he is helping the community by participating in these shows to raise money for WRCC, but admits all the fun the WRCC entertainment family has is an added bonus. We feel very fortunate that Don is willing to share his talent with us at WRCC.

Steve James

Drums        Steve James was born in Dayton, Tennessee and has lived in this area for 53 years. Steve has been playing drums for around 35 years and credits Mr. Ed Walker with getting him started in music. Through the years he has played with local bands such as Clear Creek, Dylan and Blake, Unwound, Both Sides of the River and Pocket Change. Steve is the drummer in three bands at WRCC, “The Ridgerunners” for Opry on the Mountain, “The Classics” for the June Jam and “The BeBops”the Sock Hop.  He has been describe as one of this best drummers in the south and the WRCC entertainment family are very proud to claim his as our own.   He is a member of Spivey Undited Methodist Church where he attends with his wife Kim, son Logan and his daughter Holly. Steve doesn’t really have one favorite musician or singer, he enjoys several genres of music including country, blues and old rock. Steve’s contribution to the music venue at WRCC is huge, not only does his natural ability on drums keep the rhythm going, his sweet personality keeps us all smiling!   

David Ikerd

Bass          David was born in Conover, North Carolina and has lived here locally since 2005. His Grandmother is his strongest influence in music, he remembers her playing rag time and swing on the piano when he was growing up. She and his Grandfather played in a band in the 50’s, during the “Big Band” era of music. David started out playing guitar and later found his niche on the bass. He uses his talents playing bass in the worship group at Grace Church of God where he attends church. David doesn’t really have a favorite singer or musician, he enjoys a wide range of music genres including classic country, rock and metal. He is our newest addition to the musicians at WRCC, coming on board to join “The BeBops” for our annual Sock Hop.  His talent and ability to drive the music with his rocking bass is a wonderful addition to the show.  David says he is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the WRCC entertainment family and hopes to be involved in future projects. With talent like his….that won’t be a problem! Welcome to the family David.