About the Entertainment Crew

It takes more than that people on stage to make a successful show. At WRCC we are truly blessed with a great crew. The quality shows produced at WRCC take work and commitment, these folks make them possible.

Rob Scott  – Lighting Specialist

Rob Scott was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has lived here on Dayton Mountain for the last 3 1/2 years. Rob started playing drums and percussion in the 4th grade. Through the years Rob played in school bands and rock and roll bands enjoying his involvement with music. Rob and his wife, Lisa, have two “perfect” children, Bailey Jean and McKenzie Stuart. Rob was raised as a Unitarian. Rob worked for years as a lighting specialist for movie production studios and traveled on the road with shows, until retiring to enjoy life on the mountain. His favorite singer is Pavoratti and his favorite genres of music are Jazz and Big Band. Rob has done an amazing job with making our little stage look amazing and so professional. He is a perfectionist and takes great pride in making everyone look their best. Rob is an integral part of our entertainment family here at WRCC.  He is fondly referred to as the “line police”!  

Brenda Baxter Girdley
Lillian Vaughn Devault
Freddy Best
Dawn Sullivan
Wanda Morgan
Polly Osment
Carl Wilkey