The Walden’s Ridge community, a rural American farming community that resides atop the mountain ridge nestled in the middle eastern counties of Bledsoe and Rhea of Tennessee. From this rural area a multitude of musical talent has been plucked and risen to stardom but many have yet to leave this quiet area for city life. Many a nights one can still hear the faint sounds of a fiddle, guitar, or banjo over the sweet sounds of the dark. Family or group gatherings tend to spark spontaneous jam sessions, sweet vocals, and bit of dancing to entertain and showcase the love and passion for good sounds.
The Walden’s Ridge Community Center was formed to provide an venue or meeting place for its entire community to gather together in fellowship. There is a full schedule of events and happenings at the center from quilting, arts & crafts, family and community dinners, harvest festivals, to traditional family entertainment that showcases its musical talents and vocals that encourages new stars to rise.